When I was sixteen I had a blog on MySpace that I updated on a daily basis. This included every detail of my life. It was a constant stream of consciousness about universities I was thinking of applying to, maths topics I was finding difficult, songs I was listening to, colours I was thinking of dying my hair, private jokes me and my friends were making up, plans I had for the weekend, dramas within my friendship group, people I fancied. Bizarrely, this blog became about as popular as it could be given it was about as interesting as it sounds. Quite a few people in my year group that I wasn't even friends with would read it. Sometimes I'd get stopped in the corridor and told my blog from last week was funny. Once someone said I was the funniest person I knew and almost ten years later I've never forgotten it. People liking my writing was a DRUG and I just wrote about myself as it was all I knew.

I would give everything I have (well not everything, but a lot) to read that MySpace blog again, but sadly for questionable reasons I deleted it, something I still feel quite sad about five years later. But I never stopped wanting to write and wanting to make people laugh. When I was 19 I had another blog, which sadly is now also lost to the internet wilderness, which was focused on pop culture and X Factor and my life at university and I think might have actually been quite good in retrospect.

Being older and having a career and having less time and being a bit more mature and realising that strangers don't necessarily care about the inner workings of my day to day life has meant that I don't really just open up a blog and type about my day or stuff that's happening to me anymore: I try and write like grown ups are supposed to with a topic in mind. It's not really cool to just do a Catch Up post and be like: this is what is happening to ME and MY LIFE right now. As I guess this site isn't really about ~me, it's about pop culture and pop music, which is fine.

Anyway, what were those three nonsensical paragraphs about? I wanted to write about something that's happening to ME, in MY LIFE: from tonight I am going to be liveblogging X Factor for Digital Spy! I'm really excited, but kind of nervous, as believe it or not despite the sheer quality of the content you get on this site I'm not a professional writer. If you have ever read my blog and enjoyed it a bit, I'd love it if you could support me this evening and hopefully I can do my sixteen and nineteen year old selves proud.


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