Why I love Twitter


I am a heavy social media user. At the time of writing I am about to hit 32,000 tweets after about three years of tweeting about my ridiculous, yet highly mundane life. Some examples:
Amongst others. I also enjoy using Instagram, and Facebook, and for a brief two-week period when I was preparing to move bedrooms enjoyed Pinterest. Unfortunately my love affair with Pinterest was over when I managed to mildly screw up hanging Polaroids in my room from fairy lights - but it was that mild kind of rubbish where it isn't quite bad enough that it's at all funny. It just looks like I'm vaguely incompetent. If I want to avoid being ANYTHING in this world, it's vaguely incompetent.

There are lots of people out there that don't really understand why I use social media so much. I've often heard comments about "Why do people put all the intimate details of their lives on Facebook?" or "we don't need to know what you had for breakfast" or "oh look, there's ANOTHER selfie" etc etc. With all due respect, I feel that if you have no interest in someone's life, I don't understand why you are Facebook friends or follow them on Twitter to start with. 

Here are some reasons that social media is amazing.

1. I met some of my VERY BEST friends on Twitter. Everyone is always so happy to accept people meeting dates online (and why shouldn't they be?) but whenever I mention that I went on holiday with a friend I met on Twitter it raises eyebrows. My only answer to that is - why would I NOT want to be friends with people who I find amusing and who share my interests?

2. You probably won't be surprised to discover that I've kept diaries on and off since I was about four years old. It's quite poignant actually. I have so many diaries from when I was about 12 that I first remembered as just being about how much I fancied Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but reading them back they are absolutely dripping in subtext of THIS CHILD IS BULLIED AND IS EXTREMELY LONELY AND UNHAPPY to the point I had to throw them away. But anyway, I find using social media as an outlet quite therapeutic, and not only because my friends and family find it dull when I tell them that for the third day in a row I'm listening to the song from the Lego Movie on the way to work.

3. There is so much selfie-shaming going on in the world today. People don't like selfies. People think it's vain to appreciate your own appearance and share it with others. However, my own opinion is this: in a world with so much insecurity, where every advert wants you to hate yourself, where you can't go a single day of your life without getting trapped in some kind of conversation about giving up carbs - isn't it a beautiful thing that people are looking at themselves in the mirror, thinking "WOW I LOOK FAB" and then sharing that with everyone? 

4. The older I get the more I realise that despite all the horror stories out there in the world, most people are basically nice and most people basically want to help you. This is why having a few Twitter followers is good for when you need something. FOR EXAMPLE. I got so frustrated attempting to use my four-year-old laptop that originally cost me about a fiver to type this blog post, I turned to Twitter asking for how much money I would need to save up to buy myself a decent new one. Within minutes I had loads of recommendations to get a Chromebook for £200 and I've saved myself about an hour of researching time AND got loads of people's genuine views on it. 

5. Because of Twitter I have had many amazing opportunities. When I started this blog I had about 20% of the Twitter followers I do now, but because of some "retweets" and "sharing" I now have built an "online presence" and "branding". A gorgeous Twitter pal even made over my website for me! Once I tweeted about being lonely on a Saturday night and some fairies that turned out to be something to do with the M&S Christmas advert sent me biscuits to my house by courier. I am being deadly serious.

6. I'm quite a busy person (believe it or not) so often spend a day or so ducking out of Twitter, but when I come back, there's always 650 of the people I follow right there, ready to say something interesting or make me laugh. On Twitter, every new person you follow is either a) a friend you haven't met yet, or b) a lesson waiting to be learnt about how you can't agree with everyone. Or something.

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