We need to respect teenage girls.


Tonight The Sun have reported that One Direction is disbanding. My social media feeds are awash with all the people in their twenties and thirties pointing out just how much they Don't Care. All the girls out there - hundreds, thousands of girls - that do care are being belittled and made fun of just like they always are. 

This is what being a teenage girl is like. 

Every day is a constant battle to be something that isn't yourself. Fitting in is everything. Teenage girls will wonder at least every hour when they will ever be normal. Why does everyone else find it so easy to be normal? Why do I find it so difficult? 

I've spoken before about the bullying I had as a young teenager. Once I had friends these friends were everything to me. I could not risk ever losing them. At least two or three of them used to regularly skip meals. I didn't even see it as weird or worrying or ever report it to anyone because everyone in my class was doing it. Once I skipped a meal because I knew that people were starting to find it odd that I always ate all of my lunch every day. I fainted at 3pm. That is what being a teenage girl is like.

What you probably don't know if you weren't ever a teenage girl yourself is how it gets weirdly competitive about when you started your period. If you start it too early then you have to kind of keep it a secret as people will think you are odd. But then what if it gets to Year 9 and you still haven't started it yet? People will start to whisper. You have to pretend you have actually started your period. You have to wish that you have grown up faster than you actually have, desperately pray every day that finally your period will start, because why hasn't it? Why is something wrong with you? WHY CAN'T YOU JUST BE NORMAL?

What if you're one of the huge proportion of teenagers that has long or short or absent or constant periods and you cry because you just want them to be the same as everyone else's? WHY CAN'T IT JUST BE NORMAL? Why is it happening to ME? Why do I have to deal with all this pain and why can't things just STAY THE SAME?

Right now I am curvy, I have big hips and a small waist and I can't ever be thinner than a size 12 without watching every morsel of food that I ever eat and that's fine. But when I was fourteen I thought I had already hit puberty - as I needed a B cup bra and my period had come on - but weighed about eight stone and only needed size 8 clothes even though I ate about three thousand calories every day. I hated it. People used to say I looked like a boy. I used to wish and wish that my boobs would be bigger. But, I thought I was done, I thought that was it. But a few years later I had to go through it all again, my body changed all again and although I was fed up with the first one I had started to get used to it and WHY WAS IT CHANGING ALL AGAIN? Why did I have to do this all again? 

Getting boys to fancy you is all important as a teenager. This post, which is all true was obviously written with a humorous intention but the point is that I would do anything to just feel as though anybody would find me attractive. If no one fancies you you may as well be dead in Teenage Girl terms. Worth is measured on whether boys think you are fit or not. You have to start wearing make up as soon as you can, who cares what your mum thinks, as how else will anyone ever think you look good??!

If you are a teenage girl every single day of your life is a battle against yourself and to be someone else. Some teenage girls have easier rides than others, don't get me wrong, but nothing is more difficult.

And personally I think a teenage girl that develops a passion about something, whether that be a pop music group or otherwise, and is able to express that passion on the internet and feel okay to say that she is sad about it is someone that should be respected, not laughed at.

And believe me, all teenage girls know how little most adults care about what they have to say. They all know that the things they care about and their struggles are irrelevant to you. And people wonder why it is so hard to get the youth to engage in anything.

I have a very bad habit, an immature habit, if you will. Sometimes I will analyse my incoming traffic to this blog and go on a trawl across the internet looking for people who have slagged me off. This never proves to be a good idea. I've been slagged off in all kinds of interesting places - gaming forums, general music forums, Joe McElderry fan forums - and each time always seems to hurt a little more than the one before. The Taylor Swift blog I wrote caused particular vitriol. Sadly I found it on a forum I used to visit a lot a few years ago under a different screenname when I was in a weird no man's land in between Twitter accounts and had no one to talk to about pop music. People that in another life I used to chat to were there calling me "embarrassing" and a "perpetual teenager". I know I shouldn't care, and I know I should never have gone looking for that, but I couldn't help it. A hundred people can tell you they like your writing and one person hates it and it's all you can think about for days.

But you know what? If I am a perpetual teenager, I don't even care. I would rather think that I was someone that could overcome their daily struggles and feel something and be passionate about something than someone who had forgotten what it was like to be a fan and had forgotten what it felt like to actually care.

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