Tove Lo at Koko


I went to a gig tonight and it was special and amazing.

I went to see Tove Lo at Koko. All of her songs are so brilliant and a bit hopeless and sad. I only knew about two thirds of them but she was so good that the rest of the time I was still so into it and hanging on her every word.

I think Tove Lo is so good and I really hope good things happen for her as today she really tapped into something and I think tonight's gig will be one of the ones I go on about for years.

People often ask why I spend so much of my money and time on going to gigs. I've heard a few mutters recently about me being a grown up, me having a proper job, me being too old for it. All I can say is I hope I never ever get old enough that I forget how it feels to leave a gig at a venue I have loved since I was eighteen years old and just want to write a couple of hundred gushing words about nothing on the bus.

(In other news I went to Wetherspoons beforehand and because I'd had a pizza for lunch chose something other than a burger or curry for the first time in years. I had a pasta pomodoro. I've honestly never been so let down by a Wetherspoons meal in my life.)

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  1. These people who question why you (or indeed anyone) are going to gigs are joyless idiots.