20 life lessons from this week's top 20


20. Charli XCX ft Rita Ora - Doing It
You only live once and having fun should absolutely be one of your top priorities in your life. However - although I find the way Charli arrives at a party and declares "we're staying all night" admirable, it is absolutely okay and sensible to leave a party if you are tired and a bad song comes on.

19. Sia - Elastic Heart
An act that a lot of people like to put on is that they are very tough and that nobody can break their heart and that they never ever fall apart. Sometimes putting this act helps you feel strong for a bit. But ultimately it is better just to be yourself and be honest about your feelings, however vulnerable that leaves you. Protecting yourself from being hurt leaves you open to missing out on everything that is good about life. (Also, being hurt also gives you great anecdotes for the long run so isn't even something you should be afraid of to be honest).

18. Kanye West - All Day
I listened to this song six times in a row, two of which accompanied with reading the song's lyrics, to try and work out what it was about. I still got absolutely nowhere. I turned to Twitter:

Many thanks to Harry who is of course absolutely right that sometimes the best things in life are provocative yet about precisely nothing.

17. Sam Smith - Lay Me Down
When I was 19 I once left someone a voicemail message that I suspect Sam may have hacked in order to write this song's lyrics. All I can say is this: breakups are awful, but they get easier. Take it all one day at a time. Write down your ex's number on a bit of paper and put it at the back of your sock drawer in case of emergency, then delete it.

16. Avicii - The Nights
A lyric from this countryclubbanger (one of my personal favourite genres) is "one day you will leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember." This is very true.

15. DJ Fresh ft Ella Eyre - Gravity
The song claims that gravity won't hold us down which I happen to disagree with on a literal level but what I will say is this: if there's one thing that I've learnt about life in my time it's that we only get things if we ask for them. If you want success and try hard enough and keep asking and keep working then in a strictly metaphorical sense gravity probably won't hold you down. Don't ever be afraid to dream for what you want - don't you ever dare be sad about not achieving that dream if you aren't prepared to go out and fight for it.

14. Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud
This song always makes me think of my great-grandparents who are really old but really love each other very much. Ed says in his song that he will still be loving his beau at seventy, which they were both pushing when I was born let alone now, but they still make each other laugh. And to me, that is all that is important.

13. Alex Adair - Make Me Feel Better
The only lyrics to this song are "you make me feel better so let's stay together." This as a concept is questionable as best. When deciding if you should stay together with someone take a look at how they make you feel ALL of the time. If they always make you feel better, then maybe you should stay together. But then again, if they always make you feel better, why are you wondering?

12. Chris Brown, Tyga - Ayo
Sometimes you will know someone really, really, truly awful and other people you know will still appear to give them the time of day which is completely infuriating. This is something that we all must come to terms with at one point or another. The best way to deal with awful people is this: Be really, really reasonable and nice all of the time. Awful people can't stand it if you're reasonable. Honestly. Nothing irritates them more.

11. David Guetta ft Emeli Sande - What I Did For Love
Emeli can't believe what she did for love, stitched herself up and then did it again. (Side note: I LOVE the turn of phrase "stitched up" and need to incorporate it into my daily lexicon.) None of us can believe what we did for love and some of us really did stitch ourselves up. But something I like to remind myself of a lot is that it is my worst experiences that have defined me. And I wouldn't be the strong-willed person I am today if I had never been stitched up like that.

10. Kelly Clarkson - Heartbeat Song
Great lyric in this song: "I wasn't even gonna go out." Remember, you never know when you can turn a corner and meet someone amazing.

9. Maroon 5 - Sugar
I'm convinced I'm weeks away from losing one of my teeth at the age of 24 so I don't know if you really do want to listen to my advice on this one, but here it is: don't give up sugar. Don't listen to Gwyneth. Life's too short. And you know my great-grandparents I mentioned earlier? They're pretty old, and all they eat is trifle and sweets. I am not joking. All. They. Eat.

8. James Bay - Hold Back The River
I searched for this song on YouTube imagining exactly what it was going to sound like. I clicked off the page straight away to google the lyrics and then was taken aback when some kind of amazing electropop intro kicked off. WOW! I thought. Someone with a name like James Bay and a song title like Hold Back The River CAN surprise me! It then turned out that the electropop intro was a Schwarzkopf advert and the song sounds exactly like what I knew it was going to sound like.
Sometimes people might surprise you but often they don't.

7. Marlon Roudette - When The Beat Drops Out
Here's a nice little verse.
"A song will write you, you don't write it...It was the rhythm that created us."
I'm not overly struck by this song as a whole but I like those lyrics a lot. Those lyrics kind of remind me about how I once thought Style by Taylor Swift was about one thing and then one day suddenly realised it was about something else.

6. Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk
If you sexy then flaunt it. If you freaky then o-w-n i-t. Nothing will get you further than blind confidence and don't let anyone ever tell you that believing in yourself and knowing your worth isn't attractive. Ever.

5. Weeknd - Earned It
You deserve nothing less than to be treated like the icon you are all of the time. And you don't need to "earn" that, I can tell you now.

4. Hozier - Take Me To Church
There's a reason that lyrics comparing your 'lover' to religion are a bit overbearing and creepy: NEVER COMPARE YOUR LOVE TO A RELIGION THAT'S OVERBEARING AND CREEPY. If you find yourself thinking that the only heaven you'll be sent to is when you're alone with them, take a step back. Make a cup of tea. See a friend. However amazing this person is, there is more to your life than this. (This song is, however, amazing, particularly the completely spellbindingly dramatic TAKE ME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!! bit)

3. Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney - FourFive Seconds
Rihanna single. Country. Kanye West singing. Paul McCartney. Four phrases I never wanted associated with one another. However, this song is brilliant. Never take anything at face value.

2. Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do
I find parts of this song a bit scary. "You're the colour of my blood" is a worrying notion. "I'll let you set the pace cos I'm not thinking straight" is also a bad example to follow. ALWAYS only follow a pace that you are comfortable with in relationships.

1. Years and Years - King
Who would have thought Years and Years would get a UK Number One this year? Never stop dreaming (aka get commercial radio on your side and you can probably do anything).

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