The Taylor Swift Style music video is terrible.


What an absolute shambles.

'Style' is the kind of absolute banger that makes me feel lucky to be alive. The idea that any song that will ever exist in the future that is any better than Style is exhilarating. It's the kind of song that makes me realise you think you already know all your favourite songs but one day one might turn up that you love just as much as all the others and that makes life seem exciting and full of possibility.

I don't have an anecdote yet about Style because the thing with all my favourite songs is that I tend to live with them for months or years before I have a decent anecdote. I know that one day I will love Style even more because right now I don't properly Get It. I keep reading things on the internet with people arguing about whether it's happy or sad. And you know what? I'm not quite sure. When I first heard it I was euphoric but then it took me years to realise that We Found Love is sad.

I guess to me Style is kind of about meeting someone and really fancying them, which is what all good songs are about. Style is also kind of about being young and wanting to dance a lot.

This video, however, is about doing a movie effects module on your foundation arts degree.

There is absolutely NO good girl faith in tight little skirts.

He will have NO problem keeping his wild eyes on the road for this one. To be honest I'd probably take sitting in a gridlock on the M4 over this video too.

Do you know what the first huge "TAKE ME HOME" reminds me of a bit? It makes me think of being out with someone, not knowing if the moment's right and then having that huge massive SCREW IT moment and thinking for god sake I'll just kiss them you only live once. It does not make me think of Taylor 'I spend too much time with Haim' Swift lifting up her arms in some kind of heinous batwing dress. It does not.

You might say I shouldn't be surprised given that Taylor Swift once made arguably the worst music video of all time. but you think for a song as amazing as Style and with a huge a team as she has around her she could have pulled something semi-decent out of the bag. Unfortunately no such luck. Let's take a moment to remember that six years ago at least, Taylor knew how to do a good literal music video.

(For a song called 'Style', wouldn't a self-referential homage to the bits trying on outfits have been amazing?)

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