Teenage Dream


This is probably my favourite song ever.

The first time I heard Teenage Dream I was on a flight. I was going to 'Zante' on some form of last hurrah family holiday. I will never forget how I felt the first time I listened to that song. For months I had been bored, just so bored. Nothing ever happened and I was waitressing sixty-hour weeks in an attempt to save up some cash so I didn't have to move home after I finished university and my future had never been so uncertain and yet at the same time so utterly devoid of any excitement. 

But then I listened to this song and I swear as soon as the song was over I knew I was on the cusp and I knew something was about to happen. I knew that all I wanted in my whole life was to feel about a person the way I felt about the chorus of Teenage Dream by Katy Perry.

So not long after I returned from Zante I met someone and then before I knew it it was four months later and we were living together and I was making recipe scrapbooks and I never saw anybody else. I think the first time I knew something was wrong was when I listened to Teenage Dream, really properly listened to it, and tried my hardest to think "oh, I feel like this about someone now." One line in and I knew I was wrong. You think I'm pretty without any make-up on. He never did.

So do I have a personal anecdote about this song? No, not really. It's been nearly five years since I first heard it and I've pretty much been chasing that euphoria ever since. Every time I listen to it I still feel like I am on the cusp and I still feel like something is about to happen. At least it's a barometer for the future. I don't know how much I want money or fame or success or popularity or Twitter followers or anything.

All I want is to listen to Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and think "Yes. That makes sense."

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