Playlist yourself through Valentines Day


Valentines Day 2014 was the first I'd faced single in many years, and I dealt with it exactly the same way as I deal with all times of reflection: I made a playlist. On February 13th 2014 I spent four hours curating a playlist filled entirely with songs with 'Love' 'Heart' or 'Romance' in the title for the pre-drinks I had planned the following night. And the results were beautiful.

This is probably the best thing I've ever done.

This is the story of my playlist. It is absolutely crucial it is played in order.

Love Shack, Love Machine, Love In This Club, Love Sex Magic, LoveGame, Dirty Love

We all head down to the Love Shack to be carefree and meet someone with whom we hope to 'get together'. At first everything is merely carnal. Let's have some fun, this beat is sick. I'm not your girlfriend, I ain't ever gonna be YO WIFE. Etc.

Heart Attack, Break Your Heart.

Panic sets in. We have been burnt before. We are scared of commitment. Putting my defences up, I don't wanna fall in love. I'm only gonna break break break break your heart. 

Feel The Love, I Feel Love, Like I Love You, Heart Skips A Beat, Love Is an Open Door, SuperLove.

Suddenly we just decide we can't be bothered to be scared of commitment and have that moment where we know it might be foolish but we want to be happy too much to care and we just drop all of our defences. You know what? Once you've dropped your defences for someone once, you won't ever get them back up again. But it's okay, cos everything's going REALLY BLOODY WELL for us and our new beau. Come on spin me round, I don't wanna go home. I used to think the power of love was just a song, but now it's got hold of me.

Your Love Is My Drug, Hummingbird Heartbeat, Crazy In Love, Friday I'm In Love, Fell In Love With a Girl, Love You Like a Love Song, Lovesick, With Ur Love

Alright. Maybe we need some rehab, or maybe just need some sleep. BUT THIS PERSON IS SO BLOODY GREAT IT'S ACTUALLY ADDICTIVE. I just keep hitting re-p-p-p-eat. I could never get enough, enough of this stuff, it's Friday I'm in love etc. Our friends are beginning to find us very irritating.

When Love Takes Over, Love On Top, You've Got The Love, Drunk In Love
It's getting pretty serious now. We've met the parents and probably spilt something all down ourselves at the time. Everything's getting very comfy and nice. At the end of the day, when we're a bit fed up and feel like throwing our hands up in the air, we know that we can count on them. 

Love Story, We Found Love, I Need Your Love, Love's Got a Hold On My Heart, One Love, Love Lockdown, Bad Romance, Fight For This Love
It's all starting to go a bit wrong. We are turning to our lover and seeing them but somehow we know that it's time to let it go. 

Tainted Love, Quit Playing Games With My Heart, Heart of Glass, Love Like Mine
Oh dear. We're gonna stay up drunk on wine hurt like hell and ugly crying black mascara tears. (Sidenote: if you are not familiar with this amazing lyric but are. correctly, intrigued, it's from Love Like Mine on the Nashville Soundtrack which is Absolutely Epic).

I Love It, How To Be a Heartbreaker, Heartbreaker, Give Your Heart a Break
We are convinced we will get through this disaster by convincing ourselves that we are some massive heartbreaker that doesn't care about anyone and is a steely robot. This, as usual, never works. 


Total Eclipse of  the Heart
A scientific fact about breakups is that you will cry a lot and think you're over it but then a few days/weeks/months/years later will suddenly realise you aren't and have one extremely melodramatic evening. Embrace this melodrama. You know those moments where everything is so objectively pathetic you know that you could just sit and watch Dirty Dancing three times in a row, eat two pints of ice cream, leave a twenty minute voicemail message and no one could judge you? It is those moments that in many ways make life worth living. That's what having this song near the end of the playlist represents.

Heartbreak Make Me a Dancer
We are out on a Saturday night. We are having fun. Heartbreak has hurt us but it has also made us want to have fun more than anything and that is the important thing.

Love Is a Battlefield
The ULTIMATE final song to a playlist about the trials and tribulations to attempting to date as a young person in the modern world.
I would like everyone reading this to listen to this song and think about this:
We are young. Heartache to heartache we stand. No promises, no demands. Love is a battlefield.
That's just it: the only conclusion I can offer you, and this is what I want my playlist to help you to realise. It's a battlefield. But a great one.

Happy Valentines Day everybody. By the way, the last Valentines Day that I spent single ended up easily being the best of my life. This is because I embraced bloody everything cupid-shaped and pink with open arms, baked loads of cookies shaped like hearts, wore loads of nice clothes, went out, danced with my friends, listened to my amazing playlist. To me, Valentines Day isn't about having a boyfriend. It's just a bloody excellent excuse to be nice to everyone all day, wear a red dress and listen to my good playlist. And who could complain about that?

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