Top Ten Top 5 Hits from 2014


2014 was arguably the best year of my life. Here's ten top 5 hits I enjoyed a lot during it.


If there's anything I've always been a sucker for it's a guitar-based pop boyband, but we cannot deny that regardless of my own particular musical palate this song is still amazing. It's often claimed the market is currently oversaturated with boybands, but sometimes I think that boybands are my one of favourite types of popstar so I don't even mind. Unfortunately American Apparel underwear is expensive and not even slightly nice?!? This link, despite being the official website, is NSFW. This ultimately serves to undermine the mostly good lyrics, but god do I wish someone would make me a mixtape straight outta 1994. (I've never made a playlist for anyone in my whole life as I've considered it too large a commitment and too grand a gesture.) (Yes I once lived with a man. Still less of a big deal than making a playlist).


First things first. Pitbull is great. No, Pitbull is not the greatest artist of our times. Yes, he probably is objectively the worst artist in this top 10 we have today. However, we cannot deny the man produces BANGER after BANGER. Once I mentioned that I know a date is going badly if the other person starts slagging off Wetherspoons. Well, I'd like to add another qualifier to that list: "oh I do love pop music, except for mindless stuff like Pitbull!" If you're gonna get me to like you, you aren't going to impress me with your "keen pop music interest" just because you like Robyn and have listened to 1989 a couple of times and sometimes read the pop album reviews on Pitchfork. If someone thinks they are above Pitbull, they are above me. Because Pitbull encompasses everything that is joyful and wonderful and ridiculous and pointless about going on a night out and waving your arms in the air. Back to the song - especially combining Pitbull's inherently amazing ridiculousness with the brilliance of KE$HA (one of my favourite artists ever) how could it go wrong? 

PS Objective top 3 Pitbull songs: 1. Give Me Everything 2. On The Floor 3. Timber. Thank you and goodnight.



I did not care for Ella on her series of the X Factor, frequently describing her in my tweets to my 18 followers of the time as Ella 'Boring' Henderson. I shed no tears when she left the competition and when a year later all I'd heard from her was her doing Sande's parts when Labrinth performed at the Capital FM Summertime Ball, I assumed that was that. Little did I know that the big bosses pulling the strings were taking Ella VERY SERIOUSLY and writing her an ABOVE AVERAGE IF OVERLONG debut album with a COMPLETELY AMAZING lead single. Despite the fact that this is one of those songs that doesn't actually appear to make any sense or be about anything (I mean, at least Timber is about face down, booty up), the first time I heard this I was instantly captivated. The verses let the song down a little, but GOD, that chorus. I have an Instagram photo caption sorted if I ever go to a river FOR LIFE.
(Side note; give Ella's album a go if you haven't already. It's way too long, but there are some really good songs on it).



In 2013 women across the land who had been told "I know you want it" by creeps in nightclubs and on buses since adolescence had this attitude reinforced by the biggest pop song of the year. In 2014 two of the most exciting popstars in the world and Jessie J claimed it back. All it took was a "I'll let you have it". Nothing could be sexier to lipsync across the dancefloor than that, surely?


Back in July 2014 I decided it would be a bit of a laugh to compare the top 5 from 10 years ago to the top 5 from today. Little did I know that this would end up sucking up 2-3 hours of my weekly free time for the entirety of the rest of the year, but I HAVE got an amazing playlist out of it. Anyway, on the very first edition of 10 Years Ago Vs Today this was number one, so I listened to it a few times to give an accurate review. Unfortunately, can open, worms everywhere.
I cannot describe how much I love this song. There are no real words to articulate the joy I feel whenever this song unexpectedly comes on shuffle. On countless occasions people have turned round to look at me on the tube when I have audibly hissed "YESSSSS" due to this song started playing. I was lucky enough to be able to get involved in the Popjustice Twenty Quid Prize this year, something I have idly daydreamed about since I was about 17, and think I made some kind of passionate argument for how much I loved this song, but I can't really remember. Everyone else there seemed to hate it, so I basically just chanted DIS-A-GREE when everyone was talking (a good way to get forward in life, if you're wondering).
So can I review this song properly? No. As we cannot explain matters of the heart and why sometimes our heart takes precedence over our head. I feel about this song the same way I feel about fancying Ed Sheeran, basically.



August 18th, 2014. My mother and I had gone on a holiday to celebrate both of our birthdays (we were in a Travelodge in Manchester so we could go to the Coronation Street tour). We had just returned from a magical evening at Pizza Express in which Mum got very excited about the Dyson hand dryers in the bathroom ("Wait until Dad hears about this! He LOVES Dyson!") and were planning on afternoon tea the next day ("Well Abigail, I'm just saying, Wetherspoons does do a coffee and cake for £3.") I quickly checked social media to see Taylor Swift had a new song out and she was going to do an all pop album and this was going to have no country on it and OH GOD and "ABIGAIL WHY HAVE YOU LOCKED YOURSELF IN THE BATHROOM?"
Well, I am not too proud to admit I was completely and totally wrong and 1989 is Taylor's best album. Blank Space is the second best song on it. Seeing Taylor take on the character that the media have always wanted her to be is so funny and self-aware and clever and she is just the best. We also cannot deny that this is the best music video of 2014.



A late entry into the best songs of the year but a truly well-deserved one. All I am is sad that 2014 is probably going to end without me hearing this on a night out but I'm truly excited to see how much finger pointing and grabbing my own waist this song will inspire in 2015. The best "musical throwback" songs are the ones that aren't trying to be clever or ironic, but a song that just sounds like it is from a different time. Because that, in itself, makes a song timeless, and means I am pretty sure that this song will last forever.



Clueless is my second favourite film (my favourite is Heathers if you fancied a little trivia). Charli XCX is one of my favourite artists. Iggy is - well, okay, I guess. She's had a couple of alright singles. But all together this ode to material culture just res-o-nates. To be fair I'm not sure I'm quite as fancy as the lyrics suggest, but when I'm on my way to get my hair blowdried I always think in my head "I'm so fancy/ you already know/ I'm in the bus lane/ from Tooting to Wimbledon." At my Christmas party when this was playing I told everyone who would listen, and many who wouldn't, that Charli XCX follows me on Twitter. I heavily implied to everyone that we were basically mates ("oh yeah, Charl's a great girl. Really deserves her success, you know?"). Imagine if me and Charli XCX were actually mates? The point is she has followed me on Twitter since June and despite not interacting with me literally once she has yet to unfollow me so this is the next best thing.



Beautiful, euphoric. The kind of song that makes you want to hug all your friends in a way that they are slowly trying to prise you off them when it comes on during a night out. A song that makes you want to text your friends the lyrics whenever it comes on shuffle. A song that could have been by anyone and still been my second favourite top 5 hit of the year, but happened to be by Rita Ora. And you can say what you want about Rita Ora, but her Rimmel collection is actually pretty good.



I have never been happier than I have been in 2014. This may be because it came directly after 2013, which was not a good year for me at all. I spent a huge chunk of 2013 obsessed with the fact I wasn't good enough. Not thin enough, not pretty enough, not tidy enough, not quiet enough, too confident, need to tone it down, not thin enough, don't wear that it is NOT what I should be wearing, need to be more normal, look you're embarrassing him, look going out two nights in a week is too much alright, god I really fancy a sandwich for lunch but better stick to cottage cheese and a slice of ham or I'll never be a size 8, etc etc. I was a bit of an island and didn't see much of my friends and went on hardly any nights out which is Not Me.
I am the opposite of this in 2014! I am so happy. I have realised that I am good enough. I'm more than good enough, I'm amazing! I should be worrying about whether people are good enough for me, not whether I am good enough for them. No, I will never be a size 8. But I still look really banging in that dress anyway because why don't I just celebrate how I AM built and what I DO look like instead? I am also super smart and I care about people and I make people laugh and now I just find myself smiling all the time.
This year I have become what I feel is myself. I've got so much closer to the friends I already had and made loads of new friends and have done so many great things for myself personally and do things I love and enjoy and am good at. There's so many people in the world who love me for me and I love them for them and that's all that counts. I'm so proud of myself for who I am and what I have achieved and I could not love my friends and family any more. I've got so much to look forward to and so much going on and it's all so fab.
Whenever this song comes on when I'm out I almost start crying because it reminds me of this: There is no place I'd rather be. It was a shot in the dark but I made it. That's what this song makes me think about. It's happy and free and wonderful.
(Pushing those four self-indulgent paragraphs aside, the song is pretty objectively brilliant as well).

Chandelier and Boom Clap both charted at #6 thanks to the British public. If they had been in the top 5, they would have been #2 and #1 respectively (and my overpersonal justification of the #1 would be based on my classic This Is What Love Should Sound Like methodology, probs).
Night Changes by One Direction would have done well if it had got in the top 5.
I don't know why I started this ridiculous website really - it came soon after someone I didn't really know tweeted me saying that I should, but I didn't have much confidence in it because I am not a writer at all. I mean obviously I know this hasn't exactly become the new Buzzfeed but it means so much to me when any of you tweet to say you have enjoyed what I have written. SO THANK YOU. xxx

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