A Very Special Christmas 10 Years Ago Vs Today


And so this is Christmas, and what have I done? Left this until the last minute to write even though I've had two days already at my parents' house doing nothing, of course. Now, for one of our top 5s this week, it is the CHRISTMAS number one edition! The first Christmas Number One I can remember was Mr Blobby, who I completely stanned for at the time and had a life sized poster of in my bedroom that I would chat to whilst playing with my jigsaw puzzles as at that point I had no siblings (I wish I was making this up) Being three years old, I don't think I had much concept of the fact he had a song out, but pretty much my first memory is watching Top of the Pops with my family and then being overjoyed at his record industry success. It's a shame I was so fickle really and am no longer a fan. Anyway let's get on with it then.

TOP 5 10 YEARS AGO - 18/12/2004 (Not the Christmas number one, which was on ACTUAL CHRISTMAS DAY just like Jesus intended. So that's coming up next week).

5. GIRLS ALOUD - I'LL STAND BY YOU (Down from number 4)

I have spent no fewer than twelve minutes attempting to write a sentence about this song. Twelve minutes. I kept opening sentences with "Remember that terrible Glee episode this was in?" "Now I LOVE Christmas, but..." and "If you had to stand by someone, like literally stand by them, for the entire Christmas period, and you weren't allowed to sit down, who would you pick? When would you give up? What if you were wearing heels? Before 9pm at my Christmas party I'd put my heels in the cloakroom and changed into the Primark flats I brought along in a Wilkos bag." But the fact is, there is NOTHING more I can say about this song. NOTHING. That must be so depressing. Imagine having a song that is bad but not even quite bad enough that someone can moan about it for four weeks in a row.

I first reviewed this three weeks ago.

SCORE: 4/10

4. DESTINY'S CHILD - LOSE MY BREATH (Down from number 3)

I put this in my ten favourite top 5 hits from 2004 I wrote up the other day if you're interested (as relevant and current as ever, me). I mentioned in my write up an idea I'd had for a Hurry Up playlist that would come in very handy for future subtweet purposes. Never fear, this is now high up on my priorities for my Christmas time off along with maybe write about my favourite top 5 hits from the year we are currently living in (maybe).

SCORE: 10/10

3. ICE CUBE FT MACK 10 & MS TOI - YOU CAN DO IT (Down from number 2)

Last week I mentioned that I couldn't believe this song was only ten years old. Well, thanks for the tweets clarifying that as usual, I'm pretty much the worst blogger ever and I've got no idea why anyone reads this (Seriously, why? Even my mum doesn't appear to be interested despite the fact I've been here two days and dropped roughly eight hints already). This song WAS indeed released in 1999 and charted again due to a re-release which makes more sense all round. To make up for my poor research skills here's two additional facts about You Can Do It. 
  • This song deals with the rarely-covered topic of sexual relations
  • Ice Cube's real name is Oliver. Oliver! Like Olly Murs

SCORE: 7/10


I saw Kylie for the first time at the end of September on impulse. And you know what? Before the gig I wouldn't have described myself as a Kylie fan at all but I left that gig a huge Kylie fan. And it takes a very special kind of live performer to do that and a very special kind of human. I have pretty much thought about her INXS cover every day since that concert. Kylie is just brilliant and I won't hear a word against her do you hear me? NOT A WORD. 

Anyway, I'm doing that thing where I write a personal anecdote and forget to review the actual song. This song was co-written by Jake Shears and Babydaddy from the Scissor Sisters and is just lovely and euphoric and brilliant. Do you know what I don't like, though? That stupid John Lewis version that's on those bank adverts. Anyway, this version, which I am here to review today, is brilliant.

SCORE: 9/10


Here's everyone involved in Band Aid 20 listed in order from the one I fancy the most to the one I fancy the least.

Dougie Poynter, Matt Willis, Danny Jones, Charlie Simpson, Lemar, Will Young, James Bourne, Dizzee Rascal, Robbie Williams, Harry Judd, The Thrills (members of), Danny Goffey, Nigel Godrich, Tim Wheeler, Chris Martin, Feeder (members of), Neil Hannon, Tim Rice-Oxley, Damon Albarn, Tom Fletcher, Jonny Greenwood, Rachel Stevens, Snow Patrol (members of), Thom Yorke, Keisha Buchanan, Dan Hawkins, Jamelia, Justin Hawkins, Ms Dynamite, Beverley Knight, Daniel Bedingfield, Weird Al Yankovic, Roisin Murphy, Natasha Bedingfield, Russell Mael, Shaznay Lewis, Sir Bob Geldof, Sir Paul McCartney, Skye Edwards, Dido, Estelle, Heidi Range, Mutya Buena, Tom Chaplin, Turin Brakes (members of) Joss Stone, Roger Taylor, Midge Ure, Katie Melua, Phil Collins, Fran Healy, Ron Mael, Brian May, Bono 

(Apols to Fraser Stone, George Cave, Fraser Aitken and Felix Pivcevic who I was unable to find an accurate photo of). 

TOP 5 TODAY - 21/12/2014. CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!


Seeing the fact this video was uploaded by "The LAD Bible" didn't exactly instill my heart with confidence, but it seems to be some relatively inoffensive "viral video" regarding some man who screamed "YOU'VE GOT NO FANS" at a football match. (Surprisingly he wasn't there when I went to see Pixie Lott at G-A-Y). However, we're very focused on the music here at Gone To Deadlock (as you can see by the fact that there's been about four reviews I've ever written which hasn't gone off point into a personal anecdote) and it is upon this that I shall review, and I can't say that I have any intention of hearing this song ever again. Still though well done 'Wealdstone Raider' for raising money for charity etc. 

SCORE: 1/10


I've seen mixed opinions on this on social media, but I actually like this song a lot. I think the post-chorus going "You've got to hold on, hold on to what you're feeling, that feeling is the best thing, the best thing" is really really good. I also think it's really nice to see a mid-tempo song like this doing well. Not every song has to be a huge banger or a twinkly ballad. I think the chemistry between Olly and Demi is actually really good in the video. Which seems odd as in their X Factor performance they had about as much chemistry as I do with Katie Melua. 

SCORE: 8/10

3. ED SHEERAN - THINKING OUT LOUD (Down from number 2)

Weekly Is Ed Sheeran My Boyfriend Yet Update:
Last week I was pretty adamant that me and Ed were over and I was moving on but I'm ambling back towards him again (guess this often happens around Christmas time). This morning I saw my great-grandparents who as you can probably imagine have been married for a very, very long time. And then on the way to Morrisons afterwards this was on the radio and I thought: this song is about people like my great-grandparents and even though they are really old they are really happy and really love each other and make each other laugh and eat nothing except sweets and trifle which is basically the dream life. And then suddenly this song meant a whole lot more to me than it did five minutes earlier.
And IMAGINE telling that story at my speech at mine and Ed's wedding?!?!?
First reviewed nine weeks ago.

SCORE: 8/10


Not got much more to say about this song other than it being amazing, but I would like to share the fact that my mum, a huge fan of the Fleur East version, asked me yesterday if the original was by "Harry Onday-Gronday".

SCORE: 10/10


So Ben "from Croydon" Haenow won the X Factor at a great disappointment to all. Before the final I said that I did quite like Ben but just thought it would be a bit of a shame when Fleur is so clearly such a deserving winner. And yeah, I do quite like Ben. But do you know why Ben Haenow won the X Factor? Because of people like my mum, who sit there thinking "OH I LOVE BEN! I'm gonna vote for him because he'd be such a lovely husband for my daughter." Well you know what Mum? You think you would have realised by now that my chances of marrying an X Factor contestant are inversely proportional to what place they come in the competition. As for the song? I'm a huge OneRepublic fan but I wasn't that bothered by the original and I'm not that bothered by this. Definitely in the lower half of winners singles, which isn't exactly a glittering array of bangers as it is.

SCORE: 4/10


10 Years Ago: 37/50
Today: 31/50

A victory for 'not Christmas' today, but we will see how we get on next week and compare.
To everyone that has read 10 Years Ago Vs Today this year: I hope all four of you have a really lovely Christmas.

All the information for 10 Years Ago vs Today comes from the Official Charts website.

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  1. I feel really sad to tell you as they make up a large portion of your most attractive Band Aid 20 artists that Mcfly weren't actually included in it (travesty) - Busted went it alone.... Unless you are basing it on 'Most Attractive people who were or should have been in Band Aid 20' in which case absolutely great order, although would have liked to see Jones in the topspot! X