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Sorry I'm late everyone, but to wheel out the party line, I have, believe it or not, been busy. So we are well into the festive season now, the wrong person has already won the X Factor, and we are getting ever closer to my planned END OF YEAR "CONTENT" EXTRAVAGANZA I spend every public transport journey writing in my head but have yet to articulate in written form. Shall I just get on with it, then?!? Only two more of 2014 to go after this!



This song always reminds me of MSN as EVERYONE used to have lyrics from it in their screennames. Me? I was much more credible. I've actually got a nine year old screenshot of an MSN conversation on my computer for some reason which confirms my screenname of the time as "I don't care what you think as long as it's about me" which is from a NIRVANA ALBUM TRACK. (As an aside, what a worrying sentiment for a teenager to have).

Oh yeah and I love this song. In some ways I don't miss being a teenager at all and in other ways I don't know if I'll ever be as happy again as listening to a full Green Day album cross-legged on my bed reading through all the liner notes as I went and constantly re-applying eyeliner.

(Side note: this song (and album) mean so much to me I wrote THREE DIFFERENT 1200-WORD EPIC ESSAYS ON IT which I then had to delete after realising the reviews were actually not so much of a Green Day song but as of my own adolescence)

SCORE: 9/10  

4. GIRLS ALOUD - I'LL STAND BY YOU (Down from number one)

I guess there's a few lyrics from this you could put in an MSN screenname, but wouldn't everyone just rather listen to Rita Ora's I Will Never Let You Down?

I first reviewed this two weeks ago.

SCORE: 4/10

3. DESTINY'S CHILD - LOSE MY BREATH (Down from number 2)

I think "I'm starting to believe you that I'm way too much for you" would be a pretty great MSN screenname. I must admit though, the diction isn't great on this. I've probably listened to this song about 300 times in 2014 alone and am still not quite sure of the actual words of the chorus.

SCORE: 10/10


How is this only ten years old?! I suppose it's one of those songs that are always played at every single student night ever and therefore are essentially ageless. (See also: Put Your Hands Up For Detroit, Mr Brightside). Anyway, we can't deny that this is a jam and it passes the Club Song Test as I wouldn't leave if it came on at 2.20am and I was tired. Just had a quick go over the lyrics to see if any appropriate for an MSN screenname, but I'm sorry to say they're all just a little crass for my taste.

SCORE: 7/10


The original version of this does not appear to be available on YouTube but please see this butchered "radio" version above. Now, I wrote about how much I liked Band Aid 20 and how nowadays it just doesn't feel the same when I reviewed Band Aid 30, but why not recap a bit? I'm sure it will surprise precisely none of you to discover I used to buy Smash Hits every fortnight, and on one double page spread that I remember very well there was an easy guide to all of the Band Aid 20 lyrics and the performer that sang each line. My friend and I spent a vaguely unreasonable amount of time COMPLETELY committing this to memory (it's okay, I still did alright in the GCSEs anyway) and performed it at the bus stop EVERY DAY. We'd constantly argue about who would get to do Dizzee Rascal's completely ludicrous rap. Anyway, this song brings back many happy memories for me, and it just seems so much more optimistic and less bleak than the Band Aid 30 version, and it feels like more effort was put into it, and I guess it just sounds a bit different because I'm sure they did something actually musical that I don't understand like keys or octaves or whatever differently? So despite giving Band Aid 30 a 3, I'm giving this a generous 7. Spare a thought this Yuletide for the deprived.

SCORE: 7/10

TOP 5 TODAY (well, Sunday) - 14/12/2014


I tend to go to the kind of clubs that play Better The Devil You Know rather than clubs that play this kind of music, me. I was born thirsty for a wedding disco and don't tend to be a huge fan of "deep house". However, I quite enjoyed this. I especially enjoyed the video involving some kind of Nutty Professor scenario. People don't make enough effort to tell a story in videos nowadays. However, unfortunately, as it sounds this song does not pass the "would I leave a club if this came on at 2.20am and I was tired" test, so it could never get more than a 6.

SCORE: 6/10

4. TAKE THAT - THESE DAYS (Down from number 3)

This song is still just so great.

Every week that this amazing Take That song is in the top 5 I will forgive Gary Barlow ONE X Factor judging sin. Today the X Factor judging sin that I will forgive Gary Barlow for is.......

This really happened and is not some kind of sketch. Honestly, take a moment to watch this and say to yourself: this really happened. Imagine writing a song as 10/10 and exquisite as Rule The World and getting Christopher Maloney to duet it with you on X Factor.

First reviewed two weeks ago.

SCORE: 9/10


Do you know what makes this song so much more joyless than Band Aid 20? I'll tell you why. A Dizzee Rascal rap would have fitted NOWHERE in this. I mean, it's ludicrous in Band Aid 20, but at least in between Busted and The Darkness it kind of made sense. Where would they put it here? Between Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora?!?

SCORE: 3/10

2. ED SHEERAN - THINKING OUT LOUD (Down from number 1)

Weekly is Ed Sheeran my boyfriend yet update:
On Saturday I watched Ed Sheeran perform some basic album track (okay so it wasn't one of the Holy Quaternity of Sing, Thinking Out Loud, Don't and Tenerife Sea) on the X Factor. And I believe in that moment I got over it. Have you ever had that? When suddenly you just look at someone and you're like, I JUST DON'T WANT YOU TO BE MY BOYFRIEND ANYMORE EVEN THOUGH IT'S ALL I'VE BEEN GOING ON ABOUT FOR WEEKS? To be honest though, everyone, I'm not sure if I ever really fancied Ed Sheeran at all. I wonder if this all stems from the fact I once swiped left for him on Tinder by accident and you always want what you can't have. I wonder if this stems from the fact I used to think Ed was terrible and X ended up as a shocker of my second favourite album of the year. I wonder if I just really like the song. 
Knowing my luck Ed probably will actually end up being my boyfriend now and I'll have to totally edit this in case the Mail Online see it when they research me, so enjoy this paragraph whilst you can.

SCORE: 8/10


The other day I went to my work Christmas party. I promised myself that this would be the one part of the internet I didn't litter with pictures of myself posing jauntily and pouting, but here's what I wore if you're curious. Anyway, so this song had jut been released on iTunes and I'd downloaded it and as I left my house I thought I'd chuck it on first. I walked all the way to the tube station ON A CLOUD listening to this. I cannot believe there is a BETTER SONG ON EARTH to listen to when you're on your way to a Christmas party, and I'm INCLUDING Glamazon by RuPaul in that. Anyway, so yeah, this song is totally amazing. I love Fleur East's version so much but this doesn't make this any less good and a WELL DESERVED ten. I need to do a little bit of jiggery pokery to work out where this fits in my songs of the year list because YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT'S UP THERE.

SCORE: 10/10 


Top 5 10 Years Ago: 37/50

Top 5 Today: 36/50

Very close today but the much better version of Band Aid just about swings it for the past. Next week is our CHRISTMAS NUMBER ONE(!!!) so get excited, festive chart fans! Mwah. xxxxxxxx

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