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Good evening everyone and welcome to the 21st edition of 10 Years Ago Vs Today! (I wonder how long I will actually end up doing this for?) (Can you believe I have literally done this TWENTY ONE TIMES?) Anyhow let's get on with it as we've all got lives to lead.



Never been a big fan of this song, even though I think Nelly and Christina can both be excellent at times as individuals and they both have 10/10s under their belts. Can't put my finger on what exactly is wrong with it but it just isn't good enough. The melody is pretty non-existent and  the beat just ain't sick enough for me. Also, if they were going for this vibe for the video they should have upped the budget a bit. Probably wouldn't even cost that much extra if you consider how much that heinous wig must have cost to insure against flammability risk.

SCORE: 4/10

4. 'GERI' [HALLIWELL] - RIDE IT (New Entry)

From time to time I will find myself on popstar Wikipedia pages and wonder whether they wrote them themselves. For example, take this gem from Mark Owen's:

The page for Geri Halliwell's Ride It is likewise, a total treat. 

"Diva-esque". Sadly, it's not all good news:

And unfortunately Simon is not wrong. As a general rule I loathe the concept of "guilty pleasures" and "so bad it's good". But we cannot deny that whilst watching Geri Halliwell's music video for Ride It the fact that we are so hyper aware that it may be one of the worst music videos ever made makes it all the more enjoyable and us all the more willing to watch it for the third time in a row. All this happens by the end of the first chorus alone:
  • Geri in a ridiculous pink babydoll writhing around licking a lollipop shaped like a 'G'
  • Geri playing tennis with herself
  • Geri dressed as a policewoman frisking a topless man
  • Geri, with an afro, straddling a giant 'G', underneath a giant sign saying "PLAYGERI"
  • Geri in prior-mentioned ridiculous pink babydoll riding an inflatable sheep (I swear this is real I'm not making it up I swear this is real)
  • Geri and backup dancers in fast food uniforms underneath a sign saying "Fast Geri". A small car then drives through the arches of their legs
Incredible scenes. If there's one thing you take four minutes and two seconds out of your day for today, make it be this. Oh, and I quite like the song actually. It's clearly not Amazing, but I think it is Good and it was very 'different' for the time. It would have smashed in 2013. The chorus is above average. 

SCORE: 7/10


The other day I was at Wetherspoons with some friends and we got talking about whether there were more Lemar top 10 singles or major systems of the human body. Now, before you read on, I would like you to have a good long think yourself about how many top 10 Lemar singles and how many major systems of the human body there are. Done? Let's proceed:


There are 11 systems of the human body (see the list here). My favourite is integumentary because I'm big on hair and nails.
Lemar has had UK Top 10 singles (source). My favourite is If There's Any Justice but I'd give two of the others an 8, possibly.
Now, did those facts surprise you? They did me. I'd like you to think about those facts before you fall asleep tonight.
Oh and this song is still amazing.

SCORE: 10/10


Back in 04 this was number two for the fourth week in a row. I'm glad it had sustained success but it is a crime this never reached number one really is it? I hope Beyonce knows that this is one of the top three things she's ever been involved with. I hope she really knows.

SCORE: 10/10


Two halves, one word: SUB. PAR.

I did just about manage to get more than six syllables out of this last week.

SCORE: 4/10

TOP 5 TODAY: 07/12/2014

5. OLLY MURS FT TRAVIE MCCOY - WRAPPED UP (Down from number 3)

I really fancy Olly Murs but I worry in real life I would find him a bit too dim. I go through life thinking "of course I don't have high standards! I fancy LOADS of people!" but the sad fact of life is, as a friend took me aside to remind me last week, I once broke up with someone I'd been seeing two months because I was so irritated they couldn't find their way from one end of Clapham Junction station to the other. And Olly, though a lovely man, does look like he'd struggle to find his way from Kings Cross to St Pancras.

SCORE: 7/10


Very excited to finally have this in the top 5. Well, let's be frank: this is easily the best music video of the year, and this song is just perfect. As I mentioned in my Taylor Swift blog from the weekend, from time to time I can relate just a tiny bit to Taylor's lyrics, but the first time I listened to this I was all JESUS CHRIST. THIS IS MY LIFE. Take that as you will. Anyway, this song is so clever and self-deprecating and is the perfect proof of how Taylor just gets it. She always has and she always will. And her lipstick in that still is on point.

SCORE: 10/10

3. TAKE THAT - THESE DAYS (Down from number 1)

Every week that this amazing song is in the top 5 I will forgive Gary Barlow ONE of his X Factor judging sins. This week I shall forgive:

Gary allowing THIS performance to take place. 

Absolute car crash television, particularly when Louis and Kelly have a argument about whether it is appropriate for Louis to tell Frankie that he is never going to be a rockstar. I will let you think about whether that was a fair comment for Louis to make and later muse on it in your blog discussion groups.

SCORE: 9/10

2. UNION J - YOU GOT IT ALL (New Entry)

Unfortunately I can only link you to the 'George-only' version of this song, as in a bizarre sales tactic Union J have taken down the official version from YouTube so that you can pretty much only listen to it if you buy it or hear it on the radio. Well, lucky for Union J, I spent 3 hours listening to Capital FM the other day attempting to win Jingle Bell Ball tickets (and failing) so I've heard it roughly 40 times. The song is nice, an okay ballad, nice to have on the radio I must admit, but just doesn't do much for me. Union J have pretty much exclusively had better songs than this so I'm a little sad it was this that was their big hit. I do like Union J as people though and really want them to do well so let's hope they can sustain this success (and next time, keep their song on YouTube so I can reference properly).

PS. "Some people got beauty, some people got curves, you got it all" VOM

SCORE: 6/10


Weekly is Ed Sheeran my boyfriend yet update:
I'd like to thank my loyal Twitter followers for thinking to tweet me a link to a story about Ed falling in love with a beanbag the other day. I mean, I know I'm not perfect, but surely I'm a better catch than a beanbag?

SCORE: 8/10

10 Years Ago: 35/50
Today: 40/50

So modern day is the winner! See y'all next week, chart fans. xxxxxxx

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