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Hello everyone! We are even closer to Christmas and I have still prepared precisely nothing. We are reaching ever nearer to the END OF YEAR ROUNDUP MANIA I am planning to spend my time doing over the holidays and it is pretty much finally time to pack up my £8 Primark mac everyone else on the tube is wearing and dig out some form of 'sensible coat'. Shall we see how good music was ten years ago and today, then????

Top 5 10 Years Ago - 20th November 2004


I spend a lot of time thinking about what it would like if various celebrities were my boyfriend (it's a lonely time of year alright). I have come to the conclusion that Usher would be the WORST BOYFRIEND LITERALLY EVER. I mean not only would he get his ex girlfriend pregnant whilst allegedly 'working', he probably speaks entirely in cringey spoken word intros going by the evidence of his top 5 hits in 2004 alone. I left starting this blog too late to review the 10/10 banger that is Yeah! but I must say that it proves that Ludacris would be an amazing boyfriend, only for the fact his rap contains one of my all time favourite lyrics: "Watch out, my outfit's ridiculous, in the club lookin' so conspicuous". A feeling we can all relate to.

I first reviewed these last week.



Now, in 2002, like many twelve year olds of the time I expect, I LOVED Blue. I still crack out the One Love album from time to time to be honest, not because it's particularly good, but because it is an album that once brought me much solace from my miserable life at the time and still feels extremely comforting. Blue were my second ever live concert. My younger sister's friends' parents ended up having a spare ticket at the last minute and I completely mugged off my sister by convincing my mum that I should be allowed to go instead of her because I was a bigger fan. Despite the fact my sister was 7 at the time she's never forgotten it. Anyway, I digress. My point is, despite being a HUGE Blue fan only a couple of years earlier, I have little to no recollection of this song even coming out? It's an okay midtempo bop which is over the beat of Gangsta's Paradise.

SCORE: 6/10

3. EMINEM - JUST LOSE IT (Down from number one)

This song is dumb and not funny. The pre-chorus is good if you change the entire lyrics but that is it. Also, I know I'm supposed to be judging the songs not the artists, but I just can't support a man in his 40s who makes 'jokes' about sexual violence towards women in their early 20s, presumably because he's threatened by the fact they're successful. NEXT.

SCORE: 3/10 


If there's one thing about life we can all learn from this video it's that you should treat every day of your life as a dance battle against yourself.

SCORE: 10/10

1. U2 - VERTIGO (New Entry)

U2 are a very special band. This is for one reason: everybody dislikes them. I mean, I don't like Jake Bugg much. But I now know not to mention this outside of the internet, as every time I do inevitably the person I am speaking to thinks Jake Bugg is amazing. (This has happened to me in three social situations in the past month: they say always avoid discussing religion, politics and your exes, but I would suggest adding Jake Bugg to the list). However, you can speak to ANYONE from any walk of life and they will hate U2. It's surely soon going to be replacing the weather as Britain's safest conversation topic. Releasing an album for free was the worst decision they ever made. 

Anyway, despite all of that, this is the future and the past is the past and the past is where we are for this part of the blog. So this song isn't that bad to be honest. I think it's alright. I'm gonna give it a 6. Also, I'm pretty sure Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own was the same album, and perhaps for the emotional use in a scene of The OC alone I am definitely giving that a 9 when it rolls around.

SCORE: 6/10

TOP 5 TODAY: 23/11/2014


After spending seven minutes watching this video I still don't really feel I know the song (which kicks off about four minutes in). The video is some form of bloated extended fantasy sequence based around David Guetta winning some kind of 'Formula One' race. My dislike of this concept is twofold:

1. Of all the sporting 'events' I've had to sit through just to appease some basic man I have dated, Formula One is by far the worst
2. Well I know I don't exactly follow Formula One so I may not be the best person to judge but I'm not sure if this video is correct in portraying passionate fans of Formula One being exclusively young, female and attractive

The song's okay. Just okay.

SCORE: 5/10

4. ED SHEERAN - THINKING OUT LOUD (Down from number 2)

Weekly Is Ed Sheeran My Boyfriend Yet Update:
Fingers crossed, though:

SCORE: 8/10


I liked this song when Bruno Mars released it and called it Treasure and I still like it now. I think Olly Murs is pretty good you know and the majority of his singles discography is above average. Oh and I guess for old times sake:



I'll speak more about this in my End Of Year Roundup Mania, but I think Rather Be is an example of an absolute perfect song as when I listen to it the whole situation around me freezes and suddenly I just am overcome with emotion and a little internal montage of me having fun with my friends (because, I know Rather Be probably isn't supposed to be about someone having amazing friends, but that's what it is about to me). Real Love isn't quite as all-encompassing as a perfect song like Rather Be, or Teenage Dream, or Boom Clap, or I Knew You Were Trouble or Party in the USA or Like a Prayer or oh my god I could go on forever isn't music just the most wonderful thing? BUT Real Love is still amazing. Here's some reasons that it's amazing:

1. It starts off like it's going to be a ballad then kicks off. There are very few bad songs that do this.
2. It is what love should sound like. I am very obsessed with the idea that some pop songs are what love should sound like but this is it. I hope one day I am in love and it feels like what Real Love by Clean Bandit ft Jess Glynne sounds.

SCORE: 9/10


The first two Band Aids happened before I was born (CLUNK). However, I remember Band Aid 20 very well. I learnt all the words with my friend through a feature in Top of the Pops magazine. During our performances at the bus stop we'd often argue about who's turn it was to do Dizzee Rascal's ludicrous rap (spare a thought this Yuletide for the deprived - the teenagers of today for this joyless tune). I liked Band Aid 20 a lot.

I don't really like this song. I don't know, maybe it's me. All I remember is that when I was 14 when this came on we would all be clapping along and yelling out FEED THE WORLD and at the same time we liked the song AND we believed in the cause behind it and everyone at school cared. And now the song is a chore to get through and it doesn't feel like they got enough people to do it and I don't like the new words. This getting to number one is a good thing if it gets money to people who need it, but I wonder how many people who downloaded it this week will listen to it again?

Ebola is important and I think most people reading this could afford to donate a fiver through your phone bill so if you can do one thing for me please text DONATE to 70000 to give £5 to the DEC Ebola Crisis Appeal.  

*Side note: Since I started this blog Bono is now the first person to be in both 10 Years Ago and Today's top 5 at once!

SCORE: 3/10 

10 Years Ago: 33/50
Today:  32/50

Fairly mixed on both sides of the coin today, but History JUST edges it. Until next week, chart fans! xxxxxxxxx

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