X Factor Live Show 1 Recap


Given that I actually started this blog to write about X Factor, I've managed to let myself down by getting a little bit too obsessed with 2004 chart statistics to dedicate myself to the Current Events cause. So here's a hastily cobbled together roundup of my views of X Factor over the weekend which is too late for anyone to read it who still cares. I intend to crack out these recaps every week for the foreseeable.

Best Performance Of The Week

Andrea Faustini - Earth Song 

I don't tend  to support the favourites because of my enduring support of The Underdog, but we're all cutting our noses off to spite our face if we don't admit that Lovely Andrea the Italian Pug Man is insanely talented and that this performance, to quote Simon 'RuPaul' Cowell, "took us to church". I'm not sure about Andrea's place in the pop universe at the moment so whether he is after all the best winner, but we've got a few weeks yet to figure that out. 

Special mentions go to:
Lauren Platt  - Happy
Jay James - Changes (Yes, really. After being dismissive of him this entire competition to date, I was pleasantly surprised)
Chloe Jasmine - Toxic 

Worst Performance Of The Week

Overload Generation - I Kissed A Girl

X Factor, stop trying to make seventeen year old boys singing I Kissed a Girl happen. It's not going to happen. This performance wasn't as bad as the judges said it was (thrown under a bus as a boyband to make Stereo 'Octoband' Kicks look better much) but there's a reason they didn't get through to Judges Houses and this band simply just aren't very good. 

Special mentions go to:
Only The Young - Jailhouse Rock/Twist and Shout (I love them, I really love them, but it was a terrible song choice). (They're from the same town as I am, and I know regions normally pull voters, but I'm actually a little afraid they'll get to the final and steal the Coming Back to Margate VT I've been planning for ten years).
Stephanie Nala - Everything I Own (Stephanie is great, but she needs to be in a band).
Lola Saunders  - Stay With Me (alternative lyrics to the chorus go "This song is BAAAAAAAAAASIC".)

Did the right person go home?

Double elimination this week so we will consider them in order...

BLONDE ELECTRA - I thought they sang quite well, it wasn't their fault they were surrounded by ridiculous elephants and I think they deserved to make it through another couple of weeks. Oh well, the public wants what the public wants. Let's not forget it was the public who sent Real to Me by Brian McFadden to number 1. Here's my personal Blonde Electra 'best bit':

Looking a lot more normal and an interesting song choice. RIP Blonde Electra.
Who deserved to leave instead?: Lola Saunders. She's very obviously nervous all the time to the point of making the viewer uncomfortable and I think it's a shame they did bring her back as a Wildcard as she definitely could have used another incubation year.

OVERLOAD GENERATION - 100% correct choice to leave. Here's my personal Overload Generation 'best bit'.

And to be honest, I mainly chose that as I think Pompeii needs to be sung on these shows more often (what a 10/10 anthem.)

Addictiv Ladies Watch

ONE week of the live shows has now passed with no mention of the fact Fleur East has been in the X Factor before as a member of Addictiv Ladies. Next week should be new territory for her with making it to Week 2. Will it be mentioned? I certainly will be listening intently. 

BATTLE: Celebrity Live Performances Of The Week

Pharrell Williams - Gust of Wind. 4/10. Not convinced by Pharrell's performance skills. Not to mention his hat.

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off. 7/10. Despite yelping several times to my housemates everytime Taylor's name was mentioned before she came on stage, I was ultimately a bit disappointed. The sound quality was very poor and she still isn't channeling the raw emotion of her All Too Well performances or innate slayage of her I Knew You Were Trouble performances. However, she obviously looked amazing and she's got one HELL of a walk.

So next week is 80's week. Here's my ideal song choices (please note, this is what I feel they SHOULD sing and almost certainly not predictions for what they WILL sing)

Paul Akister - A Little Respect, Erasure
Lola Saunders - If I Could Turn Back Time, Cher 
Stereo Kicks - Footloose, Kenny Loggins (Yes, this would be incredibly cheesy, but I don't care, Footloose is 10/10)
Chloe Jasmine - Material Girl, Madonna (jazz lounge arrangement)
Jay James - When Doves Cry, Prince
Stevi Ritchie - Gold, Spandau Ballet 
Stephanie Nala - Faith, George Michael  
Lauren Platt - 99 Red Balloons, Nena 
Jack Walton -  Fast Car, Tracy Chapman
Ben Haenow - Need You Tonight, INXS
Andrea Faustini - Atomic, Blondie (come on, this would be amazing right)
Fleur East - Beat It, Michael Jackson
Jake Quickenden  - Careless Whisper, George Michael (Okay, I struggled with this one so went for a karaoke staple)
Only The Young - Don't You Forget About Me, Simple Minds
And as a bonus, on 80's week I would sing - Love Is A Battlefield by Pat Benatar. 

Lauren will close the show and have the most memorable performance.
Stephanie Nala and Jack Walton will be bottom 2. Stephanie will go.

UNTIL NEXT WEEK, late recap fans! 

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