X Factor: Last Place Contestants


So X Factor starts again in a couple of weeks. I can't imagine you need to go very far on the internet to find anyone and their nans' opinions on X Factor winners, but how about the unlucky few who fail to make it past the first week of live shows? This kind of useful information you will only find on Gone To Deadlock (.com, as I have a domain name now.)


THE PERFORMANCE: Roberta was very pretty and had a very nice voice, but her performance of "Superstar" by the Carpenters was at best forgettable. The judges' feedback is interesting to watch. Simon makes two very valid points - why has her hair been styled like she is in Charlie's Angels? And perhaps more importantly - is this girl a star? I feel that Simon was focusing on the right points at an early stage which is odd given the eventual winner of this series.
OUT OF TEN: It's gonna be a three from me I'm afraid, Roberta. Nothing personal, but a very poor and forgettable song choice.
WHAT ARE THEY UP TO NOW: According to her Twitter page, Roberta recently visited the Chiltern Firehouse for the first time. She is a singer/songwriter, gym junkie and self-professed "almond addict".
HOW MANY TWITTER FOLLOWERS: Roberta has 1993 followers on Twitter (four times as many as me, so what do I know?)


THE PERFORMANCE: It took me FOREVER to find a performance of this (they've done well at burying it) but you can find it above if you kick off at 3:37. I'm afraid to say this performance, of "Superstar" by Jamelia is a hot mess and Louis is right when he comments they all needed more vocal training. I have heard better than this at local talent shows and I've seen better acts than this get turned away at audition stage in more recent series. Interesting fact you can now wheel out if you ever need to impress a date in an emergency: both acts finishing at last place in series one and series two of X Factor did so following a performance of a song titled 'Superstar'!
OUT OF TEN: I'm afraid this is only a 2/10 from me. I mean, it's not completely terrible, but as I watched it I felt sorry for everyone involved.
WHAT ARE THEY UP TO NOW: I did a little research and can only assume from my findings that they have disbanded - I couldn't find much on members Vivienne or Nicola, but Stephanie is now an actress and Fleur is a singer who recently did an interesting 7.5/10 cover of Kanye's Bound 2.
HOW MANY TWITTER FOLLOWERS: Stephanie has 1389 Twitter followers, and Fleur has 8612, so we can quite comfortably say they are both more popular than me on Twitter.
ARE THEY BETTER THAN THE EVENTUAL WINNER OF THEIR SERIES?: No. (I have a real soft spot for Our Shayne, but, no.)


THE PERFORMANCE: Another 'hot mess' awaited us in the first live show back in the halcyon  days of 2006 in the vein of 'Dancing In The Street'. It's always nice to see a mixed gender group in the vein of Steps or S Club 7 as they aren't very popular nowadays. However. This lot literally look as if they're down the working men's club for karaoke on a Thursday night (and I will never forget the time a couple of years ago my family and I went to the working men's club for karaoke on a Thursday night to celebrate my great-grandfather's 90th birthday, so I do know what I'm talking about). If you want a little sample of their vocal talent and stage presence, but don't want to play the whole thing as you have a life to lead, watch from 2:00 onwards. This will give you an idea.
OUT OF TEN: 1/10. I'm sorry everyone but even giving this 1 out of 10 makes me feel bad for giving poor Roberta from Series 1 a 3.
WHAT ARE THEY UP TO NOW: The Unconventionals went on to the dizzying heights of supporting Westlife and Beverley Knight, though from what I can tell they have since disbanded. They were active as recently as 2010, when they were promoting a new album called 'Flower To The People', but their website is now defunct. :(
HOW MANY TWITTER FOLLOWERS:  1379 Twitter followers, which is still more than me. I've got a feeling I'm not going to be able to make the point I wanted to make with this.
ARE THEY BETTER THAN THE EVENTUAL WINNER OF THEIR SERIES?:  Given that the winner of this series was LEONA BLOODY LEWIS I'm gonna go for a no.


THE PERFORMANCE: Kimberley was a 19 year old girl who was made up to look like a cruise ship singer in her 40s. She was given 'It's Raining Men' to sing, which may go down in history as one of the worst X Factor song choices ever. Kimberley faltered at the beginning and forgot the words (!) which is a cardinal sin I am not prepared to forgive, but she could obviously sing and had a bit of a star quality and given that this was the series Leon Jackson eventually won she certainly didn't deserve to come last. Let Kimberley's experience be a warning, everyone: NO ONE CAN SING IT'S RAINING MEN WITH MORE CONVICTION THAN GERI HALLIWELL. EVER.
OUT OF TEN: I will give this a generous 4/10.
WHAT ARE THEY UP TO NOW: Kimberley recently moved to Egypt according to Twitter. She also had a small role in a series 6 episode of Shameless.
HOW MANY TWITTER FOLLOWERS: 531 Twitter followers, which at the time of writing is only 26 followers more than me! Perhaps I can start a campaign?
ARE THEY BETTER THAN THE EVENTUAL WINNER OF THEIR SERIES?: To be honest, yes, probably. I certainly know whose album I would rather listen to.  (Spoiler: not Leon.)


THE PERFORMANCE: Well, it wasn't that bad, but it was a terrible song choice (It Must Have Been Love, if you can't be bothered to hit play) and Simon hit the nail on the head when he said it sounded like four solo singers trying to sing a song at the same time. Little group chemistry. I disliked the styling and the performance style didn't make me feel as if the girls were a unit or got on with each other. It's a no from me, I'm afraid.
OUT OF TEN: 3/10.
WHAT ARE THEY UP TO NOW: Emily from Bad Lashes is now in the own words of her Twitter bio a "Business Manager in the food/drink industry."  Samantha has a common name and I'm doing this for free so too tough to find I'm afraid. Stacey is a make-up artist and Sophie has just had a baby. They seem to all be still in touch going by Twitter, which is nice. 
HOW MANY TWITTER FOLLOWERS: Stacey has 720 followers and Emily has 610. The other two don't appear to have Twitter.


THE PERFORMANCE: The second consecutive girlband mentored by Louis to be axed in the first week. Unfortunately the above clip is not so much about the performance (a fairly basic, but okay one of Addicted To Love) but rather some utterly insane comments from Cheryl and Dannii that the girls were dressed too slutty given the fact they used to be pole-dancers. Both commented that "girls would not like" Kandy Rain which is a little anti-feminist for my taste but hey ho. Simon, for once, was the voice of reason and of course Louis went along with everything he said. 
OUT OF TEN: 5/10.
WHAT ARE THEY UP TO NOW: The girls appeared in an episode of Snog Marry Avoid then later disbanded. Couldn't find anything on Azi or Khatereh. Coco is now in a band called Nevermind and according to her Twitter bio enjoys "music, flowers, fashion and tea". Chemmane has a private Twitter, but we know she has a positive outlook on life as her bio instructs us to appreciate it all as we never know what tomorrow may bring.
HOW MANY TWITTER FOLLOWERS: Chemmane has 146 (LESS THAN ME! YES!) and Coco has 2,886 (oh).
ARE THEY BETTER THAN THE EVENTUAL WINNER OF THEIR SERIES?: No. But I do love Joe McElderry a slightly bewildering amount, so I may be biased.


THE PERFORMANCE: Look, I remember Nicolo well as in the early stages of this series of X Factor (the best series ever, fact fans) I was actually a fan and wanted him to do well. I am really sad that he was given this TERRIBLE song choice (Just Dance?!?!), outfit (sunglasses?!?) and staging (a chair?!? DANCING??!). We cannot deny that this whole performance was a complete hot mess. He did a great version of Life On Mars at Judges' Houses, though.
OUT OF TEN: I'm gonna give this one a four.
WHAT ARE THEY UP TO NOW: I googled and googled (well, I googled and looked at the first three pages of results) and I could not find ANYTHING on Nicolo other than interviews conducted in the couple of months after he left X Factor (all of which were pretty bitter.) He may have changed his name?!?
HOW MANY TWITTER FOLLOWERS: I'm pretty sure this account is fake, but if it's real, 40.
EDIT APPROX HALF HOUR AFTER BLOG POSTED: EMERGENCY!!!! EMERGENCY!!!!!! Nicolo does indeed have a Twitter with 24.2k followers. I AM VERY SORRY FOR THIS OVERSIGHT. Nicolo, if you are reading this, you may want to work on your SEO, but I still love you. 
ARE THEY BETTER THAN THE EVENTUAL WINNER OF THIS SERIES?: On this performance, no, but I think he could have been better than Matt 'Someone On The Bus' Cardle, with the right song choice.

*NB - for this series there were technically 3 joint people in last place, as in the first live show there was no public vote and each judge chose a contestant from their category to leave. However, this does not seem fair and seems as though was merely an extension of judges houses, so I'm gonna count the first act to leave when the public vote was in play.

THE PERFORMANCE: NuVibe were a classic Frankenboyband. Staying 'current', they did a club remix of With Or Without You. It was okay. Not amazing, but okay. Parts were out of tune, but most was alright. The point was, there was another EXTREMELY similar act in the competition (The Risk) and we'd seen this 'urban boyband' thing all before.
OUT OF TEN: 5/10.
WHAT ARE THEY UP TO NOW?: One of NuVibe, Ashford went on to join The Risk, history's ultimate Frankenboyband, later that very same series. He is currently playing Seaweed in Hairspray. Stefan loves his girlfriend very much and is going on holiday with her soon. He also recently passed his theory test. Bradley's still knocking about as a singer/songwriter and is a heavy Instagram user. Not much out there on Jordan or Richard.
HOW MANY TWITTER FOLLOWERS?: Ashford has 48.1K followers. Stefan has 9176. Bradley has 27.5K. These guys know their social media.
ARE THEY BETTER THAN THE EVENTUAL WINNER OF THIS SERIES?: No, as Little Mix are the best X Factor winner ever. These guys are probably better than Leon Jackson though, to be fair.


THE PERFORMANCE: Carolynne did a completely bonkers country version of Starships by Nicki Minaj that you know what? I ACTUALLY COMPLETELY LOVED. I have a huge soft spot for country music (it's definitely my second favourite genre) and this completely worked. I can't believe the British public didn't get on board with this and they still made Let it Go by Passenger one of the top 100 songs of all time.
WHAT ARE THEY UP TO NOW?:  Carolynne's still singing and recently signed a new management deal according to Twitter.
HOW MANY TWITTER FOLLOWERS: Carolynne not only has a whopping 126K followers, she has a VERIFIED ACCOUNT! This is a girl who knows how to use social media.
ARE THEY BETTER THAN THE EVENTUAL WINNER OF THEIR SERIES?: Given that the winner was none other than James Arthur *involuntary shudder* I'm gonna go with yes.


THE PERFORMANCE: Lorna did a pretty okay version of So Emotional. I wasn't blown away but it wasn't the kind of hot mess we're accustomed to for last placing. She can sing and wasn't afraid to move around the stage. She definitely didn't deserve to come last.
OUT OF TEN: 6/10.
WHAT ARE THEY UP TO NOW?: Lorna's still a singer/songwriter, and takes a 10/10 selfie.
HOW MANY TWITTER FOLLOWERS: 13.8K and a blue tick to boot.

So there we go. A little disclaimer: I can't guarantee that any of the Twitter accounts linked are definitely the people in question unless Twitter themselves have bestowed a blue tick, but it looks like it from searching their names + 'X Factor'. I hope you enjoyed this journey down memory lane and are off to listen to Carolynne Poole's mental Starships cover on repeat. x

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