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Top 5 10 Years Ago - 07/08/2004

5. RACHEL STEVENS - SOME GIRLS (Dropped from 3)

Although it remains a great travesty that this song was never number one, at least we can comfort ourselves with the fact the music-buying public managed to keep it in the top 5 for three whole weeks (this was harder in 2004, because STREAMING was not then a thing. Now, because of STREAMING, that George Ezra song just will not die). Still that George Ezra song, much like the blowjob to the music exec Rachel Stevens is musing on, won't last for long, not forever and the champagne makes it taste so much better (except it doesn't, as the more you drink the more hyper aware you become of how boring it is).

Head back two weeks for Some Girls' first appearance...

SCORE: 10/10 banger. Two consecutive months on my heavy rotation playlist even though it's ten years old. Never Forget.

4. D12 - HOW COME (New Entry)

I'm sure it will shock precisely no one to hear that I don't listen to hip hop very often so am unable to comment much on this "track" from that perspective. I have done a little research and the song is about Eminem not speaking to the other members of D12 much after his solo career took off :( :( :( (cover by Girls Aloud?). One of the other members of D12 also laments on how he saw Eminem's girlfriend cheating on him and Eminem never believed. The chorus is good, catchy. The video shows them all chatting in a board meeting and then later on the scene of Eminem's girlfriend cheating was depicted, and all I can say is that she has the worst lipliner I have ever seen:

SCORE: 5/10 (I do really like that chorus.)

3. SHAPESHIFTERS - LOLA'S THEME (Dropped from 2)

I'm surprised at the apparent 2004 longevity of this song as I really don't get what's so special about it to be honest. But you can't ever trust the British public, as proven by the fact that Let Her Go by Passenger is in the top 100 best selling songs of all time (!).

SCORE: 6/10

2. THE STREETS - DRY YOUR EYES (Dropped from 1)

This just isn't a very good song really is it? I trawled the YouTube comments looking for something funny, but unfortunately it was mainly people telling their breakup stories whilst listening to this on repeat, which as you can imagine was a huge barrel of laughs. Who sits following a breakup listening to THIS when The Winner Takes It All exists? (Why don't you tweet me and let me know your favourite sad breakup song? If The Winner Takes It All isn't in the top 5, I have little to no respect for you.)

Head back to last week's post to see my initial thoughts on Dry Your Eyes. (mate).

SCORE: 4/10


Our first double A-side on this here blog! I feel the fairest way to do this would be to review each track individually and then take an 'average' so here we go...


I have made no secret of my enduring and forever love of guitar-based teenage boybands. For me this love was awoken in 2002, when, aged twelve years old, I first heard Busted's eponymous debut album. This album to me is still one of my favourite albums of all time. Busted aren't my favourite ever guitar-based teenage boyband (just you wait for the stanning that will arise when McFly start making appearances on the 10 Years Ago top 5s) but they were my first and will always hold a very special place within my heart.

To be honest, for the past ten years I've always thought of this as probably my least favourite Busted single and have never chosen to listen to it. However. In April 2014 I had the pleasure and the honour of being able to attend the McBusted tour. I had seen McFly live a few times before (they are in fact my all-time most attended live act ever, cos they're brilliant) but I was still a bit young for concerts and that when Busted split up so it was my first time seeing their songs in a live environment. The Thunderbirds bit was great. What a great song to be written as some kind of promotional exercise. The chorus is fab. However, we cannot deny, the lyrics are pretty crap, and actually, whenever I try to recall this song when I'm not listening to it, I always think about Air Hostess. So I will give Thunderbirds a 7/10.


Let's get this out of the way: I cannot believe this was not performed at the McBusted tour. This is arguably the best Busted single. I'm calling you at 3am, and I'm standing here right outside your door, and I don't think that my heart can take much more. Simple lyrics, but sometimes the most simple are the most effective. This has such a stadium "wave your arms in the air" feeling. God what a tune. Feeling emotional even thinking about it. I will give 3am a 9/10.

One more thing: Do you know the best thing about bands like McFly and Busted are? They really don't take themselves too seriously and aren't bothered what people think. I've found this completely refreshing through my whole journey as a music fan and is probably why I've always felt so attached to them. Good for them.

SCORE: so the average is (I have won awards for my Maths skills)...8/10.

Top 5 Today - 10/08/2014

5. GEORGE EZRA - BUDAPEST (up from number 6)

I really thought the top 5 had finally escaped this song which may as well be an ode to the colour beige, but it has come back to haunt us all through our dreams (fun fact: if you stand in front of a mirror and say "George Ezra, Budapest" three times you will immediately collapse into sleep much as a narcoleptic.)

Photo from George Ezra's Instagram suggesting we'd actually be really good mates of the week:

SCORE: 4/10


Wouldn't it be amazing if the reason that this was so poor was because Cheryl actually has her REAL amazing comeback single planned for when she can do a live performance on the X Factor? Imagine in a hypothetical world where we had no prior memory of Fight For This Love but were still choking on bile following Crazy Stupid Love, if she came out and did THIS one Sunday in Q4:

The song would seem even more amazing than it already is! This is definitely Cheryl's master plan. I feel better already.

Head back two weeks to see my initial thoughts on Crazy Stupid Love.

SCORE: 3/10.


Now let's get one thing clear before we start: I think Counting Stars was the best number one of 2013. There, I said it. Absolutely flawlessly written song. If I could pick 25 songs to put on my desert island Spotify playlist, it would be on it.
Love Runs Out is a bit reminiscent of Counting Stars at parts - definitely the OneRepublic I like best (as opposed to Apologise-esque megaballads). The drums throughout are GREAT, very Rolling in the Deep-esque. The chorus is okay. It sounds a little too similar to the verses which is a shame as Ryan Tedder is the king of the kick-off chorus. However, if there's one thing that Ryan does well, it's the drop-out middle eight building up into a HUGE final chorus, and on this occasion I feel inspired to sing along to a chorus I don't even know the words to properly yet.
Unfortunately, unlike with Counting Stars, I'm not inspired to hit rep-p-p-peat. This is my benchmark for a much coveted 8/10 or above, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to 'Apologize' this time (hopefully it's not too laaaaaaaaate hahahaha I'm so funny.)

SCORE: 7/10. 

2. MAGIC! - RUDE (down from 1)

Screenshot of the week from Magic!'s video from Rude that shows female love interest's father was right to disapprove of possible marriage

Head back to two weeks to see my first review of Rude. I liked it a lot more then.

SCORE: 7/10 (keeping it to what I scored originally, but god is this song the opposite of a grower)

1. NICO & VINZ - AM I WRONG (up from number 52)

I love this. I am always a sucker for songs you can dance to 'in the club' that also have fairly good lyrics (I had a real 'moment' to Wake Me Up by Avicii in the Clapham Grand last year that I will never forget) and this is no exception. A great way to feel once you have just finished listening to a song for the first time is "I can't wait to hear this in the club" and this is really how I feel. This song is beautiful and instant and I just love it. (The video, shot in Africa, is also gorgeous). Am I wrong, for trying to reach the things that I can't see? 

This song is also historic for two reasons: last week it was the first song to ever chart top 75 through streaming alone, and this week it has been the first song by a Norwegian artist to reach number 1 since the (iconic) A-ha! Well deserved all round.

SCORE: 9/10.


10 Years Ago Top 5: 33/50
Today Top 5: 30/50

So the winner today is THE PAST but once again it is fairly close so I'm not sure what I'm proving by doing these really. Until next week, top 5 fans!


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