10 Years Ago vs Today


Top 5 10 Years Ago - 31/07/2004

5. USHER - BURN (Down from number 3 last week)

This is one of the top rated comments for Burn on YouTube.

 All I can say is maybe Justine should start to read this blog and she will see that the idea that pop music has ever been anything other than of ridiculously variable quality is pretty insane. (Also, what is the 'story' of Burn? In the video a swimming pool is literally on fire. I have an impressive A* in GCSE Science and I'm not quite sure that's plausible.)

SCORE: 5/10. 

4. J-KWON - TIPSY (Non-mover)

My decision to rate Tipsy as 2/10 was controversial last week, and I got no fewer than four (4) indignant tweets claiming that Tipsy is allegedly 'good'. I know full too well the pain of being told something you like is rubbish (the Glee cast are, after all, my third most played artist on last.fm) but I'm afraid you are unable to change my mind on this and I am unable to play the chorus without being transported to a nightclub, feeling J-Kwon's clammy hands upon my waist and hearing "everybody in the club getting tipsy" hissed into my ear. Ew.

Check out last week's countdown for my original musings on Tipsy.

SCORE: 2/10. 

3. RACHEL STEVENS - SOME GIRLS (Down from number 2 last week)

This song is still COMPLETELY and UTTERLY amazing. The more I listen to it the more I think this genuinely may be one of the best songs of all time. Who knows, it may end up in the top 5 again this week given how much I've been streaming it.
Note: One of my favourite lyrics of this song is "I don a pair of zip-up boots" as people just don't say they "don" items of clothing often enough.

See last week's post for more of my thoughts on this masterpiece.

SCORE: 10/10

2. SHAPESHIFTERS - LOLA'S THEME (Down from number 1 last week)

 I can't really add much to what I said last week re this song - it's okay, but I'm uninspired to hit re-p-p-p-eat. So I decided to do a little research and find out which of our historic top 5ers have the most followers on Twitter. I can exclusively reveal:

Usher (@Usher): 9.67M followers.
Rachel Stevens (@MsRachelStevens): 57.3K followers.
The Shapeshifters (@UKShapeshifters): 29.1K followers.
J-Kwon (@JKwon_HoodHop): 5,306 followers.
The Streets/Mike Skinner: Appazo not on Twitter :( :( :(

Not sure exactly what this tells us, but it has given me the idea that I hope by the end of this year I can get someone who had a top 5 hit in 2004 to follow me on Twitter, eh? (Brian McFadden, maybs?)

And oh yeah, on point, read my blog last week for more thoughts on Lola's Theme.

SCORE: 6/10.


I feel I've just got to get this out of the way before I start because it's a massive elephant in the room of my opinion on this song: I did once cry listening to this when I was 14 because the boy I fancied on the bus liked someone else. THERE I SAID IT. Anyway. The only new entry in the top 5 for this week in 2004 was an interesting and unexpected number one single; a chorus you expect Mike Skinner would have made up in the taxi home from a night out, as he sat with his tearful mate whom had split up with his ex earlier that afternoon and foolishly believed it would be a good idea to go out and get pissed to try and get over it (it's not, folks). I am not a fan of this song. I think it is lazy and I do not connect to it despite the fact I'll cry at any song going basically (I did once cry when listening to 'Stay With Me' by DJ Ironik). The video is a moody affair, Mike wandering around various locations with a dog looking forlorn. At one point they are at a swimming pool, which is quite a good idea actually as I've read that mid-intensity cardio is actually quite a healthy and positive way to deal with emotionally stressful situations.

SCORE: 4/10. 

Top 5 Today: 03/08/2014


I'm sure the very title of this blog will confirm to you that I am more than a passing fan of reality TV contests, and I did catch quite a bit of Britain's Got Talent this year. I did not want Bars and Melody to win. Now one thing out of the way first: Bars and Melody (if those are their real names) seem like really nice young boys who are actually very talented individuals and I wish them the best of luck in all future ventures. I wish that they had been given a few years to work on some nice, original stuff, and then got a Ella Henderson-esque Amazing Syco Relaunch.


This should not be in the top 5. If there's one thing you should know about me it's that "I'll Be Missing You" by Puff Daddy ft Faith Evans is probably my second least favourite song of all time, and this reminds me so much of that I feel vaguely unwell. This is a cover of Twista's song Hope (featuring, you guessed it, my rap song chorus nemesis, Faith Evans) with the verses rewritten to be about "fighting bullies." Now I was bullied quite badly in my early years of secondary school (all the best people were actually, see Victoria Beckham) and I know that it's awful, and I hope any kids out there going through it find a little bit of solace in this song. However, I can recommend ABOUT FOUR HUNDRED better songs to listen to (start with Christina Aguilera's entire Stripped album). The rap is pure cheese, the chorus is overproduced to hell and back and the video, set in some sort of school where appazo everyone is bullied, made me cringe at least four times, and not only because of this

SCORE: 2/10 

4. ELLA HENDERSON - GHOST (Down from number 3 last week)

STILL in the top 5. Beginning to wonder how she's ever going to follow this.

Going to the river to pray location of the week:

St Mary's Church, Mortlake is very close to the banks of the Thames.

SCORE: 9/10

3. ZHU - FADED (New Entry)

I went forth and checked out this song expecting not to like it, as it's "deep house" which normally isn't really my cup of tea (if my scores so far haven't taught you anything, generally I'm pretty go commercial or go home). However, it turned out to be one of those songs which literally get under your skin (well I guess not literally) and just kind of made me want to writhe around like the many scantily clad women in the video. I can see why this would be quite fun to dance to on a night out, especially if you had big hair and a strong lipstick and were in the mood to look mysterious. The video is appazo a look at the "Paris club scene" but I would argue it's probably more of a look at the "women who writhe on the floor in the clubs in Paris" but when I went to Paris all that happened was that I was proposed to on the Eiffel Tower by a gay man so who am I to say?

SCORE: 7/10

2. CHERYL COLE FT. TINIE TEMPAH - CRAZY STUPID LOVE (Down from number 1 last week)

I've been doing this thing a lot this week where I listen to Call My Name and pretend that Cheryl realised the song was just so 10/10 it was probably the best course of action just to release it again. That's all I have to say on that front.

See last week for more of my thoughts on Crazy Stupid Love.

SCORE: 3/10. 

1. MAGIC! - RUDE (Up from number 2 last week)

I've got a feeling this is going to be sticking around in the top 5 for a while, so....

Screenshot of the week from Magic!'s video from Rude that shows female love interest's father was right to disapprove of possible marriage

SCORE: 7/10 


Top 5 from 10 Years Ago: 27/50
Top 5 Today: 28/50

It is a victory for MODERN TIMES today proving that unlike the top rated comment on Usher's Burn video suggests (let's take a look again...)

Today's music is NOT indeed a waste of electricity! 

Now, until next week, chart fans, and just in case you're interested, I'm maintaining a little Spotify playlist of every song I rate up here as 8/10 or above. So have a listen if you want a good mix of excellent songs to remind you of whatever you were doing 10 years ago (and if that's me, it's trying to impress boys on the bus) and to remind you that life and music is still great Right Here Today.


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